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Alex Smith and the New Washington88

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Alex Smith and the New Washington88
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 Offense Primed for a maxbet Primetime Matchup We’ll continue a series of opponent preview posts for the New Orleans Saints opponents in 2018. Next , our first primetime matchup in 2018, a Monday Night Football contest against the Washington Redskins. Bill Horgan of Hogs Haven took some time to give us Saints fans the scoop on the new home of Alex Smith.Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty ImagesWeek 5: vs the Washington RedskinsWhat were the biggest additions and/or subtractions (not via the draft) to the team’s roster from last year?What was the biggest surprise move the team made - or didn’t make - this offseason?What is the biggest storyline heading into Week 1?What is the outlook for the team? Are the playoffs in sight?Final answer: what’s your prediction for the team’s final record?***A big thanks to Bill for taking the time to answer our questions. Make sure you check out his work and the rest of the good folks at Hogs Haven for tons of Redskins content. You can follow the Hogs Haven on Twitter @HogsHaven, and of course you can always follow me @dunnellz.So what says you Carolina Panthers T-Shirt , you unbiased Saints fans? Do the Saints pull out another victory against the Redskins in 2018? Vote in the poll. Explain in the comments. And make sure you also check out, a website for a new book I’m writing currently titled Draft Picks and Dividends: A Fantasy Football Player’s Guide to Understanding the Stock Market. Ed. Note - For those of you who enjoyed this series last year, we’ve decided to change it up for 2018. Instead of focusing our attention on the head coach of our opponent Carolina Panthers Hats , we’ve opened it up to anyone affiliated with the organization. So, instead of “Dirk Koetter looks like...” you’ll get a collection of jokes about other folks as well. We hope you enjoy this updated format. -BSTo get us prepared for Sunday’s game against the Buccaneers, the CSR staff decided to have a little fun by borrowing the ‘looks like game’ concept from The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on ESPN.Ed. Note 2.0 - The Looks Like Game is the best thing that anyone does at ESPN and it’s not even close. If you’ve never experienced it before I highly recommend it. Trust me.Below is a collection of our best efforts to figure out exactly what/who people from the Bucs organization look like. Feel free to discuss your favorite ones in the comments section Carolina Panthers Womens Hoodie , and you can even provide your own if you feel up to it.Disclaimer: This is all in good fun. We’re not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings here, so if you happen to stumble across this and find your name mentioned, we sincerely hope you understand that we’re mostly kidding.CSR looks like: Buccaneers edition...Dirk Koetter looks like he has no idea how email works.Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like what his kids think cool adults look like.Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like he follows Phillip Rivers advice on the rhythm method.Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like he never really came back from that island he was marooned on for 10 years.Desean Jackson looks like he misses Donovan McNabb.Cameron Brate looks like he’s waiting for the right moment to ask you about your retirement plans.Dirk Koetter looks like a guy who wears white athletic socks that go over his knees.Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like McLemore’s estranged uncle.Ali Marpet looks like he goes to Applebee’s three times per week because he really likes their 2 for 20 menu special.Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like a guy who still parties with freshman fraternity pledges.Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like the barista who tries too hard to flirt with your wife every morning when you order coffee.Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like a guy who was once an adventurer like you... until he took an arrow to the knee.Dirk Koetter looks like he has very strong opinions about screws.OJ Howard looks like the big brother who gives his kid brother a pep talk about standing up for himself in a PSA about bullying.Brent Grimes looks like an adult child actor.Peyton Barber looks like a street cop who doesn’t have time for this shit.Ali Marpet looks like an out-of-work 1990s made for TV movie star.Dirk Koetter looks like your dad’s friend Steve.Riley Bullough looks like he wears his best double-denim outfit on team flights.Cameron Brate looks like the guy in your neighborhood who goes way overboard with Christmas decorations.DeSean Jackson looks like a valet driver who takes everyone’s car for a spin around the block before parking it.Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like he owns a very large collection of model airplanes.Jason Pierre-Paul looks like a guy who listens to Five Finger Death Punch but doesn’t tell any of his friends.Mike Evans looks like the guy your wife works with and claims there’s nothing going on between them.Lavonte David looks like a security guard who will let you through for any reason because he doesn’t get paid enough to care about security.Which ones are your favorites Womens Customized Carolina Panthers Jerseys , Panthers fans?Discuss.