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I doubt it will change in 2019

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I doubt it will change in 2019
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In the months following the release of Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard tried to fix what broke promising things that would improve in the future. What can players expect from World of Warcraft? Warcraft in 2019 Gold in WoW Classic? In the weeks after the battle for Azeroth began, players were increasingly frustrated by the lack of Blizzard communication. There was a lot of love in the new expansion, but also a lot to fix, and Blizzard seemed to be quiet on the radio.

In September 2018, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas finally broke the silence in the World of Warcraft sub-message using the Ask Me Anything message in which he personally touched on some of the most serious community problems. Of them, there was no communication. 'I know there are a lot of questions and fears that do not seem right now, and we need much more solid communication on our part,' Hazzikostas said.

In the months following AMA, little has changed - and I doubt it will change in 2019. In addition to sporadic questions and responses from developers that deal with several specific questions, the general impression is still that the ailments are falling on deaf ears. Example: Since the release of 8.1 update in December, players complained about the debilitating server delays that often prevent reading. This is a problem that has not been officially recognized for weeks.

It's not like Blizzard was silent. Blizzcon 2018 revealed many exciting details about what will happen in future patches, but players still feel dark on the face of many of their fears. For example, when 8.1 was released Buy WoW Classic Gold, a long list of undocumented changes appeared, some of which were very unpopular. There is still much to do, but if Blizzard would not be able to make a big change in September, I'm skeptical, but they will be able to do it now. The gray veterans have already heard this kind of soothing promises. Expect this to be a recurring theme throughout 2019 that Blizzard still does not recognize, which annoys many of his players.