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New to this forum board, happy here!

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New to this forum board, happy here!
« on: August 14, 2019, 01:10:56 AM »


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This is my first visit to this forum. I am so happy to be part of this forum. One of my friends recommended this forum board to me. I am so much thankful to the owner of this site. I appreciate your initiative on starting this Forum. Your work is really good. There are many interesting topics are getting discussed here. I have registered in many sites. I am an active member of many of the forum sites. I like to register and create my personal account. Sometimes I just create profile. And check the discussed topics and understand them.

Introduction is one of my favorite categories in forum board. Now, I would like to share some information about me. Hope you will enjoy reading my introduction here. I am Kelly Kevin from San Jose, California. I am a game lover. Professionally I am a writer and photographer.  Creativity is one of my interesting parts. I love to do everything in a creative way. Wild life photography and nature is one of my favorite. Writing short stories and essays are other interesting. These I will do on my free hours. And I have personally own a blog. At least once in a weak I try to create new posts.

One of my favorite games is Alias 'The Magpie’. This is beautifully, professionally done. And it is superbly implemented. I can say that this is truly funny, clever and delicious game. This was a fun treasure hunt. The characterizations are comedic. It is surely not deep or thought provoking in any way. Most of the interlocking puzzles were wonderful. The map was elegantly designed and access control handled gracefully. I am surely going to visit this site again. Thank you so much for those who read my post. I will surely share this forum board to my friends. Have a nice day! Enjoy!