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[VIDEO] Building a Blueprint to Dismantle the Government for Adam's Campaign -

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Kokesh2020 - Blueprint to Dismantle the Government EP0:

Freedom lovers, i'm building a plan to help Adam's run in 2020 which details the orderly & peaceful means of dismantling the Government. I'd love for you to collaborate & provide feedback. This will be a multi-part series which will provide deliverables detailing the strategy, roadmap, execution plan & some "citizen" marketing so that people can easily consume it, in addition to the video series.

Looking forward to working with everyone to help Adam dismantle the Government in 2020, if we build a good plan over the next 4yrs, we can actually accomplish it. My plan also incorporates a lot of the work i'm doing personally to build free market solutions which negate the Government from a purely demand perspective. Building free market based solutions where people can get access to services which make Government irrelevant will help ensure that Adam is successful one way or another.

Coding freedom today, building solutions that work, for you. #UberGuard, #DRO, #FreeMarket on #Ethereum