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I love the book but I got some questions

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I love the book but I got some questions
« on: August 26, 2016, 12:06:16 AM »


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The book is such an easy read,  and breaks down the concepts of slavery very simply to me.  But....

1.Self-ownership-  the typical democrat types,  and a lot of the sheeple have been conditioned to be slaves...the concept of Self-ownership is just too difficult for a typical mindless slave to be able to fathom and so many of them will even fight to stay in the matrix...... hence why its so easy to exploit typical brain dead statist

2. Ending Governments-  the typical older republican and corporate christian types are so insulted by the idea that everything the government has told them is a lie(and they'll even start reading scripture about how God made governments, lol),  that the entire system that they have paid into their entire life is built on lies and slavery......the truth stings obv.  and they immediately get defensive,  turn to attack mode or tuck and run

with all that being said I am trying to think of the best way to get the book into the hands of the smarter young libertarians that are out there,  but for every one smart young person that I come along there are 3 brain dead statist which frustrate the shit out of me,  it takes a lot of tolerance and patience to do what Adam does. Honestly its easier just to exploit brain dead sheep then to uplift them to the cause of liberty and freedom.

Also your typical brainwashed military goon immediately turns to threats and violence against someone like me (Im Persian)  where as Adam (being a former Marine)  can get some of them to chill and listen to logic and reason.

Not trying to be a pessimist,  but just wanted to share my thoughts,
also I have a blog that I've been promoting Adam and others like him for the last 4-5yrs
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