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« on: June 07, 2016, 02:26:49 PM »
Hello all,
I live in a town just outside Austin, Tx. and have recently been re-inspired to play a more active role locally. I was thinking of starting some sort of local think-tank with the intent of providing a platform for individuals to bring any problems that they see in the community up for discussion to a group to discuss ways to address the problems by non-coercive means.
One example of a problem would be the breaking up of families for non-violent crimes by sticking the parent in jail. One possible solution would be for some individuals to create a (court approved) non-profit that will allow family members to participate together in court mandated community service with the intent of strengthening the family.
This think-tank for non-coercive solutions stems from the thought that we are living in the state of anarchy but have not been able to show the critical mass the value of free market, non-coercive approaches to dilemmas. I would imagine that the majority of the people involved in this group would not consider themselves voluntaryists or anarchists but I am hoping that by setting up the agenda for non-violent solutions the idea will be more available for people to receive.
I would love to hear any feedback or solutions to the systemic problems created by the “state”.
I will be posting some other thoughts as they arise.