Author Topic: Decision 2016: The case for the Libertarian Perfect storm  (Read 1857 times)

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Decision 2016: The case for the Libertarian Perfect storm
« on: June 08, 2016, 04:57:20 PM »
The scene before us may be somewhat familiar to many. I remember like yesterday, the emotions that I felt,  as the flames of the #RonPaul #r3V0Lution succumbed to the icy, tyrrany that would define a second term for Obama. I remember the disbelief, the disillusionment,  and the feeling of finality. I reconciled to the fact that there would never be another Ron Paul, especially not after his own son Rand,  road in with his "Robert the Bruce" style pledge to happily endorse Mitt Romney. We the people of this love revolution,  had been betrayed somhow. The words of Adam Kokesh rang true,  and this was all now too real. I took some time to pause and reflect, but not too long. The world kept spinning. After witnessing first hand the martial law that decended after the marathon bombing, my commitment to liberty became renewed. I became more aggressive in sharing the message and met many people along the way. My constan,t squeaky wheel, approach to networking generated new opportunities amd I grew as an activist. Our friend Adam emerged from his government sponsored, spiritual retreat with a fresh perspective,  and a new playbook on hand. I greedily poured over the content no fewer than 6 times and realized that this book had what it will take to truly bring FREEDOM to humanity.  Ever grateful for the opportunity to share this book everyday .fast forward to the present and we fond ourselves once again in an election year. Both establishment parties remain  corrupt as ever.  As much as I dosagree philosophically with those who #feelthebern I can't help bu feel for the strong armed robbery of their emotional investment. As sad as the two main party candidates are there is a very bright and exciting side effect. Now more than ever,  party line voters are seeing through the corruption. They're leaving the parties in droves. America is looking for an exit. Even the dubious Karl Rove has pointed out that the Libertarian Party is a viable alternative to both the main parties. It may be important to consider his mention of the Libertarian party is not an endorsement and probably nothing the establishment feels threatened by. No the establishment is looking for the Ross Perot effect. The right is so anti Trump they're willing to lick their wounds for 4 years and rebuild. Refortify against Ron Pauls and Donald Trumps who challenge the status quo in party power. There is an opportunity here. We must observe the tactics of the establishment and be able to counter. Most thinking people understand that Hillary is not the nominee. Most of what we are seeing is smoke and mirrors. Its the equivelant of Jimmy Hendrix manager buying 50, 000 copiesof "hey joe" to get the single on the charts. How things are perceived is very important and wewould do well to consider this going forward. Its just a little inside knowledge of how perception can work for you or against you. There should be a groundswell of Bernie people attacking the few Hilkary people on message. Although libertarians don't have a dog in that fight necessarily we do hope to grow the party and it costs us nothing to oppose Hillary heavily while spreading the measage that we are the party that values #FREEDOM. We are the true defenders of minority rights because the smallest minority is the individual. We are all individuals. We may not take the presidency in 2020. That will depend on each and everyone of you. Yes it will come down to the resolve of individuals who revoke their consent from would be tyrants.2016 may be the perfect storm that ushures in an era of unprecedented individual liberty. Its up to you if we take it this cycle or the next. I'm proud to stand with principled selfless activists who see the big picture and ignore the left right paradigm we had all been so brainwashed to uphold. Ron paul made an important distinction that we as activist should consider. He asked his followers to be statesmen in the way they approached sharing the message. When I call for attacking Hillary supporters it is the message that must be challenged. These are our fellow humans that are brainwashed. Its a pity they don't understand #FREEDOM. Here is what you'll find engaging team Hillary. The feel vindication and trophy euphoria. They have resigned to the message of anti Trump or a triumph for women.  Peeling back the layers is like picking up the welcome mat to find centipedes scattering from the sun. We may not change many minds but we can send them scurrying for cover from the light of day. This will by default expose you to more Bernie supporters and anti Hillary democrats.we are working two fronts. The short term push for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, but also the long term push for Adam Kokesh 2020 Remember you get more bees with Honey, in this case Non Violent Communication. Your fellow human in FREEDOM, Mike Turner
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