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Another act of police violence

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Another act of police violence
« on: July 07, 2016, 08:37:28 AM »


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The state is out of control. Warning... video is graphic.

Re: Another act of police violence
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Once again, the media (in turn, society) throws a racial spin on the story...thus doing more harm than good when it comes to uniting the masses to the realities of government sanctioned violence and murder.

Until we start identifying the underlying fact that the police and all government sanctioned "authority" is immoral and unjust, we're going to continue to see these stories. The debate over race, it's all designed to divide and compartmentalize humanity. When you break down the fact that government appointed "authority" is immoral and illegitimate to someone, it is then you really enlighten those programed by statism. 

These cops who MURDER under the guise of "protecting the community" are right in line with likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and G W Bush...they are given the so-called authority to act above the rest of humanity through the cult of statism. And as long as there are people who allow themselves to be manipulated or inclined to participate through the act of voting, these issues will continue to plague society. 
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