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Sanders’ Supporters : Take the next moral step!

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Sanders’ Supporters : Take the next moral step!
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I wrote this the other night for my tumbr page...thought I'd share it with you here...

Your political revolution started with a bang and ended with a death-wheeze caused by a jack boot to the throat named “The DNC”. In a world where “conspiracy theories” run rampant about how the media works hand in hand with political parties to suppress any opposition to the status quo, the massive data drop of emails between DNC and media outlets proved that this particular theory was indeed fact.The fact that the DNC did pretty much everything except flat out saying that they favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. In the face of this fact, the 2016 Democratic Convention continues to roll on (President Obama is speaking as I type this) with claims that the party is “united” behind Hillary Clinton. Even as many Bernie Sander’s supporters walked out of the convention in the hundreds yesterday, the media (in particular CNN and MSNBC) barely mention the events. It would seem to the average viewer, the DNC, its supporters and other party apologists are cutting their nose off to spite face…clearly too arrogant and pompous to look at the situation and admit what everyone (and their mother) can see : The Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Party snubbed Bernie Sanders by stacking the deck against him and his supporters. They suppressed their cries against the rigged system by forcing many to give up their signs or risk losing delegate credentials, They pretty much treated Sanders supporters and delegates like total trash if they didn’t vow to support Secretary Clinton…and many vowed they would NEVER support Hillary.

As someone who has viewed the Sanders’ campaign from the outside, I must admit I love the moral steadfastness of many of his supporters. They clearly have a moral compass that doesn’t sway and flip flop…something I firmly respect. Yes, I have a completely different view from the average Sanders supporter, but I still respect the hard fact that they will not vote for Hillary Clinton come November.

How crazy it is that the supporters of Bernie Sanders are more moral than Sanders himself?

A great parable to the Sanders situation can be found in the 1976 movie “Network”  , Sanders mirroring the attitude found with the stories’ main character Howard Beale. Beale screaming about being “as mad as hell”…drawing on societies fears and anger in the 70s. He quickly becomes a voice for the masses, only to brought to earth by the REALITY that "The World Is A Business" - Sanders sold out his supporters…he sold out his morals…

Watching the DNC treat Sanders supporters like nuisances reminded me of the treatment supporters of Ron Paul back in 2008 and especially 2012 at the RNC. The media did very much the same thing to Paul as they did to Sanders and odds are the GOP were in contact with media outlets during that time to squash any chances for the Paul campaign.

But unlike Sanders, Paul refused to back the GOP’s nominee both in 2008 and 2012. Paul realized that to back someone who was completely opposite as to what he was speaking for (non-interventionism, ending the FED, limited governmental intervention, pro-civil liberties) would damage his credibility…his message. Sanders spent months talking about how Clinton was “unfit to be president”…talked about her being backed by big business. Then turns around and throws 100% support behind her because GOP nominee Donald Trump is “an incredibly dangerous person”.

(Side note: I view any and all politicians to be “dangerous” as I believe that STATISM is the biggest threat to humanity, but to say Donald Trump is more dangerous than Clinton is based off of what? His outlandish comments? Sure, Trump says some whacked out shit *along with some nuggets of truth, especially when it comes to economics*, but he has no record in office. He is a businessman with no past monopoly of “authority” used against me or others. Clinton, on the other hand, has supported the one of the most racist polices passed by the US Government known as the War On Drugs, she has knowingly supported policies that have resulted in the deaths of countless people worldwide and lots more.)

I remember the feelings of anger, disappointment, and frustration when it was clear Ron Paul didn’t have a chance.  It solidified my view that the system is completely rigged, and that the masses are clearly too ignorant to inform themselves beyond the letter before a politicians name. But it was hearing Ron Paul’s final speech from the house floor on November 14th, 2012 that really opened my eyes and start my journey down the path of voluntarism…

The whole speech is impressive (Paul at his best…at least when he’s not destroying candidates at a debate) but towards the end he says the following…

“The Founders were convinced that a free society could not exist without a moral people.  Just writing rules won’t work if the people choose to ignore them.  Today the rule of law written in the Constitution has little meaning for most Americans, especially those who work in Washington DC.

Benjamin Franklin claimed “only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.”  John Adams concurred:  “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

A moral people must reject all violence in an effort to mold people’s beliefs or habits.

A society that boos or ridicules the Golden Rule is not a moral society.  All great religions endorse the Golden Rule.  The same moral standards that individuals are required to follow should apply to all government officials.  They cannot be exempt.

The ultimate solution is not in the hands of the government.

The solution falls on each and every individual, with guidance from family, friends and community.

The #1 responsibility for each of us is to change ourselves with hope that others will follow.  This is of greater importance than working on changing the government; that is secondary to promoting a virtuous society.  If we can achieve this, then the government will change.”

Paul‘s message that morality must take priority first and foremost is something I think most simply don’t either understand or care about. Especially when we’re talking “party politics”. This is clearly the case with what we see in Philadelphia. Taking it a step further, morality is far from priority when it comes to “government” (we’ll talk about this in a minute).

What needs to be addressed is the fact that YOU Bernie Sanders’ supporters who are standing by your morals are exactly what we need! I may not agree with your politics, but I think it’s FUCKING AWESOME you’re not blindly following Bernie’s move to back Clinton because “he” tells you too. At the very least, you’re sticking to your ideals and not throwing them away. And for the record, FUCK Sarah Silverman and her shilling sell out ass…

So now you find yourselves pretty much leaders of your own future with no figurehead to back. Some of you may back a third party candidate and likely be thrown under the bus when Hillary looses to Trump (as they did to those who voted for Nader in 2000. Don’t believe it). Some of you may look to another leader come in 2020…but please consider this - YOU’RE TOO GOOD FOR THEIR SYSTEM AND GAMES!

As Ron Paul said, “The Ultimate Solution Is Not In The Hands Of The Government”. You have now seen first hand how moral immoral the government and their rigged games are, why would you even consider operating inside that system again? It’s called “political theater” for a reason and you’re above it morally…you’ve shown it by denouncing Hillary Clinton. The answer is outside Washington DC…it’s outside the institution known as “the state”. The answer lies with the individuals who are looking to change the status quo to something better for humanity. Not with party conventions where they stroke their own egos.

Many of the problems you’re trying to correct happened in large part because of government. It is through favoritism and bullying that government has allowed certain big business bankers and corporations to flourish. It is through government that we’ve incarcerated tons of people who happen to smoke pot or sell pot. It’s through The Federal Reserve that we’ve inflated our dollar, causing the purchasing power of the dollar to drop. Take government out of the equation, many of the problems we face would cease to exist.

So again, why would you go to the institution which caused many of these problems in effort to change them?

But most important of all it is through government that all power gained is done so through acts and threats of violence…this in itself is IMMORAL! The act of “Taxation” (or “Wealth Redistribution”) would be considered an immoral act because the government is literally stealing you’re income in the name of “taxation”.

Ask yourself these questions…

It is this challenge I throw to you Sanders supporters…how moral are you really? Are you willing to take the next step? Are you willing to see not just the two party system immoral…but GOVERNMENT itself is immoral!?

For the time being, I congratulate you on being firm on what you hold to be true and just. I thank you for not backing down. While I don’t agree politically with 80 plus percent of what Sanders supporters stand for…we do agree there needs to be some change and an elimination to the status quo type of thinking. Cheers and goodnight!

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Re: Sanders’ Supporters : Take the next moral step!
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What is your Tumblr URL, and may I post an edited, TLDR version of this on there as well?