Super Social

“Super Social”

The way forward to open-source social networking?

I humbly compose this document as a way to make a request. For all I know, someone may be working on something like this already. For years, I have dreamt of what I thought of as “open source social networking.” I envisioned a simple, open source piece of software that you could download, enter username and password for all of your social media apps, and it gave you a multi-feed that you could control. I couldn’t think of how that was possible, but I seem to have finally stumbled on what seems like a practical way to make it happen.

Would you want to be able to use any social media app without ads? Download “Super Social,” a “super app” (or perhaps more accurately, app protocol, that you could download a bundle of apps for, or even just a single app) that would contain “Super Facebook,” “Super Twitter,” “Super Instagram.” (Each app looks just like the original, but with a white circle with an “S” in the top left corner and can be dragged to the home screen like any other app.)

Each app would look exactly the same except next to the normal menu or somewhere out of the way, there would be the white circle with the black “S” and when you tapped it, a menu would pop down. The first option would be “turn off ads.” Pretty obvious, right? The second option would be “set feed to chronological.” I imagine that whoever would be clever enough to make this happen could imagine more features when you are accessing these social networks that puts control back in the hands of the users. This defeats the censorship that happens by flagging. The question that is far too over my head for me: “How practical is it to code an app to do this by scanning the feeds of every page and person you’re connected to?” Would you need access to the API for this?

Of course, once there is a simple, open-source protocol for this, it would be easy to add apps like “Super Feed,” which would combine your feeds into one and let you control the parameters of your feed. You could have “Super Messenger,” which would combine your inboxes. This would eventually also defeat censorship for anyone on Super Social, as when blocked, you could still post to the Super Social protocol, and at least anyone else on the network would get your posts.

I imagine that with a blockchain we could eventually create a truly open source social media platform that would displace all the existing social media networks. Once we free the incredible potential of the internet that is social media from centralized control, manipulation, and censorship, we can take the human conversation to the next level. So … can anyone make this happen? Did I miss something? Is someone already working on this?