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#TheFreedomFest 2018 – Join the fun and freedom!

Join me at #TheFreedomFest 2018 where I will be speaking and discussing the campaign and much more! Use code Kokesh2020 to get $100 off your registration before 6/30! Get your discounted tickets here: “FreedomFest is an annual festival where free minds meet to celebrate “great books, great ideas, and great thinkers” in an open-minded…

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Freedom is about people

“Politics is about people.” – Selina Meyer (my favorite fictional President, from the HBO series Veep) It is such a blatantly obvious statement of pandering that this became a punchline on my new favorite show, “Veep.” This political parody brilliantly starring Julie Louis-Dreyfus is uniquely insightful and uniquely funny as a result. “The West Wing”…

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